Bosch Drills

drillName: Impact Drill

Model: PSB 750 RCE

Make: Bosch

Rating: 3 Stars

So the other day I bought my very first power tool. I know very manly right. Well since Ive started a blog I think I might as well review my drill.

The particular model I bought was a. Now I chose the model as I needed something cabable of going through concerete, which this can do although is not recommended as the perfect tool, but I am not likely to do this regually so I also wanted something that can go through wood, steel etc.

Now I am far from a powerdrill expert or you know a DIY expert of any sort, but I can pretend. So, first thing first the drill works, I drilled them holes and looked very manly doing so. So I cant complain about that. What I can complain about will fill out the rest of this review.

Firstly it is not battery powered it has a cord. 2 Meters of cord to be exact, not a huge problem but 2M is a lot less than it sounds, I was only working in the dinning room, but needed to find an extension cord to use it. Maybe my fault, but worth mentioning.

Secondly, the drill had a nice feature, a depth stopper. This was a small piece of plastic, which when touches the surface it shows the depth drilled. Now I have to say, this is a very good idea, but I wish the depth gauge was made of metal, I found the plastic is lightweight, flimsy and often bent when used. Although I will keep the drill for years, I can’t imagine the flimsy plastic stick provided will last that long. It also included a ‘hold button’ which keeps the drill spinning without the need to hold the trigger. however, this can only be used if the drill is spinning at its highest speed. I’d have liked to be able to use it regardless of the speed the drill is spinning.

Finally a brief note on safety. The drill has no ‘safety check’ once it’s plugged in simply pulling the trigger will activate it. Personally I’d have liked a safety switch, to press before the drill will start. But then the instructions do say ‘Use common scene while operating this tool’.

On the other hand the drill included a removable auxiliary handle, this allowed to spread the weight better, and could be easily maneuvered into the most suitable position and changing the drill bits was very easy and effective.

So in summary,

Pros: It works, The depth stopper is useful, I liked the auxiliary handle, changing drill bits is easy and safe, it made me look more manly.

Cons: Short cable, Depth stop likely to break, no safety switch, cannot ‘hold’ a lower than maximum rotation.


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