Agent Carter Series 1

Agent Carter.

Release Date: 6th Jan 2015

Episodes: 8

Starting: Hayley AtwellJames D’ArcyChad Michael MurrayDominic Cooper

Rating: 3.5 Stars

If you havn’t seen this yet, well you should. It’s a good show I’m happy to wait here. Go on. Why this has still (at time of writing) not been picked up in the UK is beyond me, especially since there is a nice hour sized whole in the schedule left by the mid-season hiatus of Agents of Shield. But small rant at the British TV companies aside. If you’re reading this review I assume you wish to know a more detailed review than ‘It’s good’.

Well the basic plot of the series is Agent Peggy Carter, (Captain America’s Girlfriend from his first film) must help her old friend Howard Stark, prove his innocence in the charges of illegal arms dealing. If you’re not a big fan of the Marvel films, well maybe you should be, but you definitely don’t need to have seen any of the films to understand this show (although seeing Captain America won’t hurt). That being said, there are still a few shout outs for the hardcore marvel fans, including a few I had to look up as they were to obscure for me, but I was intrigued.

This is only a overview of the series, not a blow by blow account of every episode. Overall the series was good, Hayley Atwell has made it clear that she had no intention of leaving the Marvel Universe and is wanting another series out of this, Dominic Copper is back with a vengeance as Howard Stark and showing he can be just as iconic as Robert Downey Jr and James D’Arcy as the bumbling butler, Jarvis, is a revelation and makes me wish he was in the films as well.

The overall plot was lacking stakes however, if you’ve seen the films or have any knowledge of marvel, it is very clear Stark is not only innocent but going to be found so very quickly. No world altering revelations are going to happen as it would have to big an impact on the films, not the fault of the show but it did make it feel a bit small when compared to it’s big brother ‘Agent’s of Shield’ where anything can happen.

These are really all just nit picks, there is a good mystery that keeps you interested and entertained, a very good chemistry between all the characters, and some good social commentary of 1940’s feminist views.

My biggest problem with the show overall was the payoffs. The main one being, and seriously SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the show yet. The vial of Captain America’s blood. I was sure this was going to be used for something, for good or for evil I wasn’t sure, although my personal theory was Sousa would use it and be turned into the 1950’s ‘Captain America: Commie Basher’ it would have been an interesting turn of events. Instead it is used to show  Peggy Carters, emotional attachment to her dead lover and used as a prop to show her move on, before it is destroyed. A waste in my opinion.

The camo from Toby Jones as Dr. Arnim Zola at the end was a very good teaser and something I am defiantly looking forward to. Especially since I felt Zola was killed off far too quickly in the main movie franchise.

My other biggest problem was mainly as a fan of the marvel franchise. So if your not you may just want to skip a paragraph or two. Canonically speaking, Black Widow is actually from the era and is just much older than she looks. It’s a long story, just trust me. Now in the previews the creepy girls only camp Leviathan were running was referred to as the Black Widow program, Something that never comes up in the show. But I’d have liked at the very least one of the girls to have been called Natalia, (Black Widows real name). It would have made me happier. As it was I had to service with Dottie using the same acrobatic fighting style as widow and just pretend the girl that fights the Howling Commandoes was Child Widow.

Really that’s all there is to say, niggles and a small lack off payoff that can easily be attributed to it being the shows first series. I will be interested to see if any of this, such as midnight oil, shows up in the second half of Agents of Shield, but definitely something I’ll be buying on DVD and re-watching. 3.5 Stars


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