Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

Seasons: 8

Staring: Teri HatcherFelicity HuffmanMarcia CrossEva Longoria

Aired: 2004

Rating: 3 stars

Alright so full disclaimer first. This isn’t normally a show I would watch, but Marie was watching it so I ended up watching it but I’ll try to be as fair as possible. Also I’ve only seen season 6 and a few random episodes but I’m going to give an overview for the whole series.

Yeah it’s alright.

ooo more details? Ok. Well the series starts off as a murder mystery, Drama, Dark Comedy. As I said I’ve only seen once season so I’m a little sketchy on the details, but every season seems to follow the same patter. Mystery occurs, nosy neighbors investigate, Drama ensures, mystery is resolved with some loose plot threats setting up for the next season.

The show is nothing ground braking, that hasn’t been seen before but is well done, well dramatized and well acted. Nothing amazing but defiantly not bad.

The mystery themselves seem well thought out and well plotted and not stretched to breaking point over the 20 or so episodes. Furthermore, I do have to compliment the writing, considering I was watching season 6. The show was STILL well plotted, engaging, I was pleasantly surprised a lot of shows like have a good first season, a reasonable second season and then go downhill as the writers have to think of more and more extreme plots. But this show still seemed grounded. I also found it easy to follow, although there were many callbacks to previous episodes, (and I did have Marie to help), nothing was expecting you to remember the show too well so you can just jump in wherever. That being said since the show is finished if you were to start watching it, you would start from the beginning.

The characters range between annoying and fun to watch, like I say it’s very easy going TV. Even the annoying ones are (generally speaking) supposed to be found annoying, so the audience has someone to dislike.

What I found most surprising for this kind of show was the male characters. Clearly this show is marketed and aimed at women, all the protagonists are females. Usually for a show of this nature I would expect the males to all be two dimensional caricatures, aimed at being figures of fun and acting in ‘Stereotypical male ways’. Like I say I was very surprised to find this was not the case. Although the males are pushed to the background and usually only used to generate drama for the individual wife. I still found them interesting character and was not put out by sexist writing.

It was defiantly a show worth watching when it came out. I would highly recommend it for the RomCom crowd, and have to ensure any boyfriends that they will get bonus points for watching it, it really isn’t bad.

Overall 3 stars.


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