Thought I’d something a bit different instead of reviewing a film I thought I’d try reviewing something different, something bigger, the whole film industry. That’s right, this review is reviewing the Whole of Hollywood.

First things first, I haven’t used this for a little while for a few reasons and let’s be honest laziness is one, but another is similarly, as a amateur critic with limited funds and no reason to do this other than fun. I often don’t see a film until every other reviewer has picked the carcas clean. And that’s if I see it at all.

So like I say, let cut out the middle man and review the whole damn film industry. Let’s begin with the biggest issue, the single biggest problem killing the (and lets not be shy here) the whole of the entertainment industry. Any Guesses? That’s right kids. It’s Money. Good old Capitalism.

Think I’m wrong? OK. an example, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, yeah it was good, yeah it needed to be split into two parts (honestly they should have been doing that by the 4th one). But now everything is split into two parts, Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent and smart money says the 3rd Maze runner will be to. But do they all need to be? No. The God Damn Don’t!

While we’re on the subject of unnecessary, yes the Avengers continuity is fantastic, fun and functional (and DC can’t even get close), but not everything has to be the Avengers. How many films are made with loose plot threads intended for sequels and cross continuity that detract and distract from the overall story *Cough* Amazing Spider Man 2 *cough*.

The only thing worst than that is completely unnecessary sequels. I just found out today they are considering making a sequel to Live Die Repeat, I mean The Edge of Tomorrow (Cos that’s what everyone calls it; stupid box art). I mean why? It was a decent film, it had a nice gimmick and spoiler alert, the good guys win. There is literally no need for a sequel, and yet….

Sorry I know this has turned into more of a rant than a real review. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all sequels are bad, many sequels/prequels are the natural follow on of a story worth telling, Terminator 2, Matrix Reloaded, Saw and the Hobbit to name a few. Not to say all these are good films, but there is still a story worth telling after the first one, even if the follow ons don’t always deliver.

Now, not all Studios are guilty of this. Do you know which studio isn’t really guilty of this unnecessary sequelization? Disney Pixar. Think about it, The Incredibles is just built to have a sequel and yet it’s taken over ten years to even announce a second one so they can make… Cars 2. Ok Maybe they aren’t completely innocent in this.

I know the more I type, the more I sound like a weird, Liberal, hippy, communist, English Student, but it is true. The more I indulge my love of stories, the more I feel that these have the ability to be so much more if the studios weren’t so concerned with returns.

Take the current trend of lowering the ratings on films. The most common argument for this is, “blood, gore, swearing and nudity are not required to make good entertainment” and this is for the most part true. But can you honestly say, Cersi, walk of shame would have portrayed the same scene of vulnerability if you hadn’t seen everything? Maybe? But it certainly helped convey how she felt.

Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don’t but next time you watch a film just remember how many of the were ruined by sequels and how many should have had a sequel that never happened.


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